Shuffa ball, bouncy arcade fun.

Shuffa ball trailer video

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Shuffa ball is a game of skill and control, simple and addictive one finger control.
It is Pinball crossed with breakout.

No flippers or bats are used to move the ball, you move the ball by moving the table.

To succeed it is all about anticipation, timing and geometry.

To jump slide down and release, once released it will fly back hitting the ball towards the targets.
Includes a tutorial.

Collect all the blue coins to clear a level.
Solve the level quickly to earn time bonus points.

See how you rank with Google Play leaderboards and achievements.
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Original music and graphics.

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Sample screens

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Older videos showing the different iterations of Shuffa ball.

Old trailer video

New UI

Music and Audio Options

Medium level playthru, guest starring Clicquot the cat

Very early iteration of Shuffa ball

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